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A Hanne Darboven Multiple

Book and Notebook

The book 'Constructed Literary Musical' has evolved over the many years of my acquaintance with Hanne Darboven: a first draft was completed as long ago as 1974. It is divided into two parts. At the beginning of Part I, which affords an introduction to Hanne Darboven's work, are the early constructions (drawings 1965-69), and installation shots of her first big exhibition at the Kunstverein in Münster in 1971. At that show, it was already possible to sense how this 'self constructed' work based on the calendar leads into a complex system of writing. This system forms the framework on which Hanne Darboven's whole oeuvre is built. In part II, the 398 images of the work Friedrich II, Harburg 1986 are reproduced in their entirety.

The notebook with the date 3/24/1995 marks the day of our last conversation when the book went to press.

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